About Us

“The clothes you are happy to wear and feel comfortable in, you carry with pride.
It makes you feel confident and powerful”

Delivery Note
– We are a creative, hard working team from Stockholm, Sweden who has a great passion for fashion. We care about the environment and the humanity, hence the name Concrete Humanity. We make many of our products in limited editions which means that the particular model is only available in a certain quantity and you as a new owner of a concrete humanity product can feel extra unique! It all started with a dream and many ideas, which finally became reality, and the result you see here in our online store.

Concrete Humanity is a Swedish fashion brand. The essence of the brand and its collection is the work of detailing, its unique expression and innovation.
Concrete Humanity’s design is born out of a dream to create something new and unique, stylish clothes with a personal touch.

We feel that the fit is one of the most important thing on our t-shirts. Because wearing our products must be comfortable and feel good. We have worked a lot on finding the perfect
relaxed fit for all of our products. Our clothes and accessories allows you to express yourself in a creative way and they can be used in all types of different occasions.

We care about the environment and the humanity therefore we only use 100% cotton for all our clothes. Cotton is sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable, making it an excellent
choice as an environmentally-friendly fiber throughout it’s entire product lifecycle. We also send our orders with environmentally friendly packaging.


Small details and smooth fabric choices with high quality is what makes our clothes so comfortable to wear in everyday life. What we find are important details of our t-shirts is the collar and the sleeves that are ”cut and sewed” and this is to get that relaxed fit and look we want.

About Us


We get inspiration from beautiful locations all over the world, tattoos, art and music. We are also inspired by famous icons, athletes and quotes that convey a feeling. Our vision is to constantly evolve, expand our range and create new stuff, while still maintaining quality. One of the our main mottos is: “quality before quantity”.

About Us